GVLC Library

GVLC Library

Check out what’s in the GVLC Library

  • Search by author, title, or subject.
  • Pick up your resource in the GVLC Library in the Small Assembly room.
    • Fiction resources are arranged by author.
    • Non-Fiction resources are arranged by Dewey Decimal number. The number can be seen by clicking in the resource’s “details” view online (to the right of the green plus symbol).

reference: GVLC Library Profile

Resources for Your Personal Bible Study

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (hard bound) – just one concordance offered in the GVLC Library. It contains an alphabetical listing of words contained in the Bible and where they can be found.

E-Sword (CD) – contains Bible translations, commentaries, dictionary, numerous maps, and other Christian resources. Check it out from the library and legally download it on your computer for free. Contact Bruce Lindahl for tech help.

NASV–NIV Parallel New Testament (hard bound) – contains the New American Standard Version, the New International Version, and Greek translation.

Biblegateway.com –  online directory for searching the Bible and comparing translations.